Pork Collar Shabu-Shabu - Cooking sample
Pork Diagram - Shoulder

Pork Collar Shabu-Shabu (~3 mm) – 1 kg


These Pork Collar Meats are sliced into approximately 3 mm thick pieces and come frozen in 1 kg packs.

Item: Plain Frozen Raw Pork Collar Slices
Weight: About 1 kg per pack
Size: About 3 mm thick each


The pork collar is a part of the shoulder that runs from the base of the pig’s neck to the tip of the loin. It comes with some marbling and the meat is slightly fatty, which allows it to maintain juiciness while being cooked. We have sliced the pork collar so thinly, that it will be ready to eat in 7 seconds flat, when swirled in a hot pot of Shabu-Shabu or steamboat soup. Seasoning is not required!